Prosperity Center

The Prosperity Center improves lives by creating a resource page for community members to improve their financial knowledge, skills, and stability.


In order to create long-lasting and community-wide changes, low-income individuals and families require the help and support of local agencies, social workers and volunteers. We’re bringing together the entire community to set up a financial environment where all families can thrive.  

Check out these resources to get started:



To better serve our community, United Way has launched My Smart Money, an interactive, free and consumer-friendly website that offers simple, useful tips and tools to help anyone manage their money, anywhere at any time. My Smart Money, powered by SunTrust Foundation, walks users through simple, concrete steps for tackling real-life problems that impact their financial landscapes.

My Smart Money provides steps to help users:

  • Set a budget
  • Reduce debt
  • Begin saving
  • Improve credit



United Way partners with H&R Block to provide free online tax preparation software to every household with a simple return called MyFreeTaxes.  If you have a simple return you can file for free.


FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards provide pharmacy discounts (up to 75%) on all FDA-approved prescription medicine not covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or other benefit plans. It can be used by anyone in the community for prescription medicine, not just people without insurance. Simply give the card to the pharmacist with a prescription. An instant discount — varies by medication — is applied to the prescription medicine. Click below for more information:

Prescription Drug Card Discount