Campaign Coordinator Toolbox


Looking to get the most out of your workplace campaign?


These resources are available to help make sure this year’s campaign will be succssful within your organization.  And we can't begin to thank you enough for your efforts & heart to make a difference in West Ellis County.  Campaign Coordinators are vitally imporant to our local efforts & supporting the amazing partnerships in the region.  



  • Start with ECC Essentials. Resources such as the ECC Guide will help you organize your campaign, learn best practice tips and see fun/unique campaign kickoff ideas.  
  • Use these Posters & Videos around your office, send them via email, or share them of various social media platforms.  
  • Sample Employee Emails are designed to make communications with employees as easy and convenient as possible. All documents are uploaded as Word DOCs.
  • Keep United Way 101 handy throughout your campaign to help employees understand the impact of their donation.


We hope that you will take advantage of everything we’ve provided, remembering that we are always just an e-mail or phone call away. We want your United Way experience to be fun and rewarding – key factors in your campaign’s success.


Employee Campaign Coordinator Essenstials

Sample Employee Emails

Posters & Videos

United Way 101